How To Predict Winning Lottery Numbers


How to Predict Winning Lottery Numbers? Why is it that there are a small handfull of people who have won the lottery multiple times, while the rest of us never seem to win? I always heard stories about this incredibly lucky people who’d hit their 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or even 7th ticket. The Texas lottery never investigated Joan Ginther who won .4 million in a 1993 Lotto Texas Drawing, then hit it big in three Scratch-off games, Panama City beach man defies the odds, wins Florida Lottery twice in 6 months. Richard Lustig won Jackpot 7 times. With this system you’ll finally start winning the lotteries, and be able to achieve whatever you want in life…

So really, how does this system works and how to predict winning lottery numbers:

*You simply track the winning numbers for your favorite games
*Plug them into the formula
*Find out what numbers have the highest probability of winning the next time there’s a draw

Virtually every single lottery game in the world is based on the same mathematical principles, which means the formula you’ll be getting works for all of them. Note that this formula doesn’t guarantee you success every time, but it does HIGHLY INCREASE YOUR CHANCE OF WINNING.

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