Lottery Syndicates & Pools


There’s a really good reason that playing using a syndicate pool is better than playing on your own.

And the answer is – more tickets.

Because more tickets means more chances to win.

Of course you could go out and buy 50 or 100 lottery tickets all for yourself, every single draw. But for most of us that’s far more money than we’d ever want to be spending.

For Example

I mean, take one of my favourite games for example, the EuroMillions – it costs £2 a play in the UK, or €2 in the rest of Europe. If you want to play 50 combinations that’s £100 per draw, or £200 per week. But play in a EuroMillions syndicate (like one of those reviewed here), and you get the same boost in your chances of winning but it only costs you about £5 a week total instead!

I know, I know, you’re wanting to point out a small sticking point here.

Sharing Is Not A Bad Thing

The big difference is that you are not the only one in the group, and when you win, there are other people you have to share the prize with.

But look at the size of the jackpot you get with the official EuroMillions. At it’s smallest it’s usually more than 10 million, and it’s regularly over 100 million. I certainly wouldn’t be complaining if I had to share a prize that big. I actually prefer the idea that prizes as big as that don’t go to just one winner, and get shared around more.

If you agree with me then it’s time to reconsider how you play, and maybe make a shift to playing some or even all of your lottery budget with a syndicate pool instead. Personally I think it’s a lot more fun playing with 50+ combinations instead of just a few 🙂

Would you rather pay good money for something that hasn’t been proven to work, or for something that nobody can stop working? I’ll be going for the more tickets approach every time – particularly when it doesn’t cost me any more money to play that way.

Read my lottery pool FAQ here.

Why Play In A Pool?

Ever wondered how you can win the Pennsylvania lottery’s Powerball® Grand Prize, when the odds are 1 in 175,223,510.00? (Source)
Ever missed an Office Lottery Pool drawing that could have won you some money?
Ever just wondered how to conveniently increase your odds of winning, while risking minimal money?
Ever wonder how to join an Online Lottery Pool without paying high membership fees?

Well, most lottery pool players have the same questions, too!

That’s why we created this Online Lottery Pool site.

We designed this online lottery pool to be focused on winning money, not charging extra fees for money. Let me break it down our pool’s agreement to what we mean by no extra lottery fees:

  • No Membership Fees or Setup Fees
  • No Administration Fees
  • No Hidden Fees on winning the Pennsylvania lottery or Lottery Pool Winnings
  • No Winnings, Money Transfer Fees
  • No Account Handling Fees

Your cost is the cost of lottery tickets to participate in our pool, that’s it. We are an no extra fees online lottery pool. If you are familiar with how a Lottery Pool works, or an office lottery pool works, and have no other Lottery Pool questions, then you are ready to Join Today.

Remember, you can’t win, if you don’t don’t play; So play in a lottery pool today!