Free Lotto Games Instruction Video — How To Play The Free Lottery Game

Playing this free Lotto Game is as simple as 1, 2 and 3.

At Free Lotto Games you will never be asked for a credit card number, personal details or to buy any products. There is absolutely nothing to buy.

All you do is enter your Name and Surname, the 5 numbers you selected and your E-mail address.

If the 5 numbers you selected are drawn in the next EuroMillions game, you will receive a cash prize of up to 1000 British Pounds. How cool is that 🙂

This free lotto game is part of a promotional program for a wonderful UK Lotto and EuroMillions Lotto syndicate.

We love the syndicate because it allows us to select our own numbers and share the costs of games with 50 other players. This means 50 more chances at winning the big one. The syndicate offers a wonderful free forum that behaves very much like Facebook does. The site is friendly and fun.

However, you do not need to join the syndicate to enjoy playing the free lotto games offered.

The site also includes many other great free games, including one that pays up to US million. And all you have to do to play these games is watch a few ads.

So what are you waiting for head for and choose a free game of your choice and WIN.

And when you do win, remember me :-))