Lotto’s Winning Wheel Draw 1376 Lyn And Her Work Syndicate From Whangarei 19/10/2013

Meet this week’s Winning Wheel winners, Lyn and her work syndicate from Whangarei.

Lyn and her work syndicate of 8 have been playing Lotto together for over 10 years. Syndicate member Rose normally buys the ticket, but on this particular week she was on holiday and reminded Lyn to buy it — and she’s over-the-moon that she did! The syndicate has nominated Lyn to step forward and spin, with Rose by her side as her support person.

For her spin this Saturday 19th October, Lyn is looking forward to her luxurious weekend in Auckland staying at the Sofitel, including a shopping spree with our stylist. The whole syndicate will join her at the draw to watch backstage and share in the excitement.

Also in this clip we feature the Horses for Healing Charitable Trust in Whangarei who have used their Lottery Grants funding to support locals with mental health issues.