Lotto’s Winning Wheel Draw 1405 ‘UTI Dreamers’ Syndicate From Auckland 10/05/2014

Meet the ‘UTI Dreamers’ — a seven-person work syndicate from UTI, a freight forwarder in Mangere, Auckland. Tony started the syndicate 23 years ago, and when member Shirley joined the group 10 years ago, she took on the role of ticket buyer and never misses a week!

Tony and Shirley claimed their winning ticket together but it’s Shirley who will take to the stage to spin the Wheel on behalf of the syndicate this Saturday 10 May.

As the spinner, Shirley and her husband will enjoy a weekend of luxury at the Sofitel hotel, as well as a shopping spree and star treatment at the studio. Syndicate member, Nicole will be by Shirley’s side as her support person, and most syndicate members will attend to join in the celebrations.