National Lottery Syndicate

National Lottery Syndicate Games if you have been looking to join a lottery syndicate then follow the link to discover the benefits, we all know the odds of winning lotto games are not in our favour but there are always ways to improve them. Quite recently the UK saw the beginning and opening of a new Jackpot Company.

Benefits of this new national lottery syndicate are playing in a team of 21 allowing more chances to win in all the draws included in the package deal and no need to go looking for other members.

The odds stated to win the National Lottery are around 1 in 16 million, for the euromillions it is much more and around 1 in 74 million to secure a jackpot.

You will find statistics on the Camelot lottery website stating that it is 1 in 4 syndicates to win a jackpot prize, with this new syndicate and package deal I am sure it is only a matter of time.

Entering the lotto will never be the same again, included in the package Euromillions, Millionaire Raffle, Premium Bonds, million a day draws, special draws and the Sat and Wed National Lottery Game draws.

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This new social National Lottery Syndicate will in effect allow you to play for free, invite your friends and family members to play with you and you will be rewarded.

Recently the LoveMyLotto Syndicate made a slight change to the price of one of the entry levels, this was dew to a recent Euromillions change in rules and the addition of an extra draw which is held on Tuesday’s. The lovemylotto silver deal was £18 now it is £22 not that much of a difference for a monthly package deal.

If you were looking for a National Lottery Syndicate why not give them a try, even though it is a monthly membership plan there are no contracts tying you in so customers can cancel a membership anytime they wish to. You will also be a head of the game and be one of the first to know about the new and best lottery syndicate products before most others.

The odds to win the National Lottery and Euromillions Jackpots are very high – soon there will be a European Draw presenting the best odds to win 12 million Euros and at a starting 1 in 300,000 there is no argument about that – the new draw will allow players to play with 1 in 1500 odds to win a jackpot.

Still want to find a National Lottery Syndicate even though the odds are better playing in a team they still do not beat the players lottery.