Lottery Wheeling Systems – Maximise Winnings

So just what the heck is ‘wheeling’ anyway? Well, in short it’s all about playing the lottery using highly optimized combinations of lottery numbers.

That may not make a lot of sense 🙂

What it really means is that clever people, who know far more math than we ever will, have created ways to combine lottery numbers. This way of putting the numbers together creates coverage of the results in such a way that you can guarantee certain things. You can find some of these systematic ways of playing the lottery here, together with reviews of how good they are.

These win guarantees, as they are known, mean you can set your budget, and the type of wheel system you play according to the specific game. The idea being to maximise your chances of winning smaller prizes when you don’t win a big one! When you’re up against those tough jackpots odds every little tactic you can apply to playing is worth using. So whilst wheeling isn’t going to make you a jackpot winner overnight, it is something worth doing on top of everything else you can do.

Important Note

I should point out that there are also things called system plays (or full wheels). These are typically sold by the lottery companies themselves – you just tick the relevant box on your entry slip. These are NOT why I consider proper wheeling systems though. I mean they technically are, but they don’t really offer any of the major benefits such as optimizing entries to minize cost of playing.

What these system plays do is combine the numbers to create every possible variation of those numbers. That basically means they are really expensive to play. Then as you add more numbers they get dramatically more expensive still – exponentially so.

The optimized version of these that I’m referring to dramatically reduce the cost of playing.

So How Does Proper Wheeling Work?

These optimized versions are created using advanced software tools by clever mathematicians. They design each system to meet certain rules. For example, it might be designed for a 6 ball lottery (that is – 6 balls draws out), to meet a win guarantee of 3-if-3 where 10 numbers are played.

What this means is that you choose 10 numbers to create combinations using the wheel template. Then if any 3 of those 10 numbers are drawn out, you are guaranteed to win at least a match 3 prize. It could of course be more than that too – it’s really a ‘minimum win’ guarantee.

Now the clever part here is that the number of combinations created by this wheel is determined by how well optimized it is. If the mathematician has done their job well, it will be the fewest possible combinations to meet the guarantee. That’s why it’s important to only use the highest quality wheel systems out there, not just any old one you find online! It will cost you more to play every single time for a poorly optimized system.

It’s actually become a very competitive world creating the systems. The mathematicians compete with each other to get the world record minimum number of combinations required to meet those guarantees. Which is good for us as lottery players of course :-).